Welcome to the Women & Back Pain Course by Michelle Lyons

Welcome to my new course:

Women & Back Pain!

I'm delighted you're here, Mx

This course is designed to help you help your clients manage, resolve and prevent back pain - because women have different issues and needs when it comes to spinal pain - this course is designed to provide movement strategies to engage your clients and give them SPINAL CONFIDENCE!!!!


We know that women are different - and it turns out, we get and manage back pain differently too!

We need to consider bladder control, breathing strategies, bowel function (especially constipation) along with stress, sleep management, as well as movement and spinal confidence.

This course is going to go from the TMJ to the Tailbone, and move every part of the spine along the way - I wanted to create a course to fill your exercise toolbox, give you a marketing presentation and the background on female back pain - so you can help women live well and literally MOVE OUT OF PAIN!!

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A done for you 6 week programme - with customisable marketing powerpoint

Learn why back pain in women has different considerations...

Helping women live well, MOVE WELL and regain their spinal confidence!

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